No Packaging

At NULLA we sell unpackaged food, personal care, multipurpose cleaner products and more... the “less waste” shop and yoga studio are designed within a harmony and full of energy space with green plants and environment-friendly materials. All natural and eco-friendly products are packaged in 3 forms: No packaging (clean packaging without plastic); Bulk (clean packaging, with huge quanity and package-return to customers to reuse); Closed-loop (clean packaging, the package will be returned to manufacturer to recycle and reuse).

Nulla's products originate from reputable suppliers, with the same business philosophy as Nulla, so our products are of high quality and have the least impact on the environment.

In addition, Nulla also has recycled products from single-use package, which is also a smart solution for environmental protection. Thanks to creativity, materials that seem to be discarded will turn into radiant decorative items.

Our community now is more aware of the harmful effects of plastic packaging, but we still do not have a thorough solution. Nulla wishes to step by step build a green, natural harmonious lifestyle.


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