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"The Yoga studio of Nulla offers you a valuable experience, helping you feel the close connection between body and mind through diverse yoga classes from a high-experienced team of international certificated teachers who are all disciples of world famous yoga masters.

Classes are divided into different types of yoga schools: COIN (METAL); GRASS (WOOD); DEW (WATER); SUN (FIRE); PEBBLE (EARTH), NULLA

The Hatha session with nutrition consulting), to help the body enhance flexibility,while calming the mind to be balanced. Nulla accepts up to 15 persons per class. We pay special attention to the body of each person, help them to practice in the right technique,, avoid injury and strengthen their health.

In addition, Nulla also has many specialized classes such as BABY (the yoga class for pregnant women), KITE (Aerial Yoga, practicing asana on hammock); MOON (Yoga recovery & therapy class)"


"Classes From Monday to Saturday"